Flight Challenge Cup Gliding 2018 08.04. - 19.04.2018 Prievidza - Slovakia
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Total winners

1. place Club Class
Tim Milner
Tim Milner
United Kingdom
Std Cirrus
Wolds Gliding Club
1. place 15 m Class
Miloslav Cink
Miloslav Cink
Czech Republic
1. place Combi Class
Sebastian Kawa
Sebastian Kawa
Międzybrodzie Żywieckie
JS1 EVO 18m
Aeroklub Bielsko Bialski


Tim Milner
Tim Milner
United Kingdom
Std Cirrus
Wolds Gliding Club
Club Class
jantar st 3
Club Class
Wojciech Izdebski
Wojciech Izdebski
Aeroklub Gdanski
Club Class
Ferenc TAMÁS
Ferenc TAMÁS
Hungary Magyarország
Club Class

Updated: 11.04.2018 18:28

Landings to the airfield are in full rush! Today was the last turnpoint south of the airport, so the planes landing on the RWY 04. Sky is almost covered with the middle-height clouds, so I'm sure the "homecomming" is difficuilt at this time! Check the results at soaringspot.com

Updated: 11.04.2018 17:22

A nice moment made our day during a short break before expected landings. A wife of one of the racers came around us, saying to the director of the competition: "Why did you send them away for so long?! My husband should have been home already!" Usmiaty

Updated: 11.04.2018 15:23

Again, we have prepared for you the option to watch live streaming on an interactive map with a specified task for each particular class.

Club class

15m class

Combined class

Updated: 11.04.2018 15:10

Start line for combi class was open at 15:04

Updated: 11.04.2018 14:08

Also 15m class is completely in the air. Their start line will be opened at 14:26

Updated: 11.04.2018 13:55

The weather gets better, and several nice cumulus clouds are visible around Prievidza and Bojnice. Only one club-class glider returned, others waiting for the tape to be open in the surrounding lifts.

Updated: 11.04.2018 13:40

Start line for club class will be open at 13:57

Updated: 11.04.2018 13:09

Take-offs just started!

Updated: 11.04.2018 13:00

The start is shifted to 13:10

Updated: 11.04.2018 12:39

The start is shifted to 13:00

Updated: 11.04.2018 12:31

The middle-height clouds from the south somehow hangs over our heads and does not want to move or vanish away! The start is shifted to 12:45

Updated: 11.04.2018 12:13

Start is postponed to 12:30

Updated: 11.04.2018 12:00

First start is postponed to 12:15

Updated: 11.04.2018 10:56

Above Prievidza, but also in most of Slovakia, the sun is already overheating the humid air, which is left here by the yesterday's frontal system. Therefore there are high chances that the conditions for thermal flying will be very good. That's why there is a racing task for all the classes. The first start is scheduled to 12:00

Published: 11.04.2018 07:20

Good morning! The grid will be on RWY 22 again. You can start transporting your gliders there since 8:15



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