Flight Challenge Cup Gliding 2018 08.04. - 19.04.2018 Prievidza - Slovakia
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Total winners

1. place Club Class
Tim Milner
Tim Milner
United Kingdom
Std Cirrus
Wolds Gliding Club
1. place 15 m Class
Miloslav Cink
Miloslav Cink
Czech Republic
1. place Combi Class
Sebastian Kawa
Sebastian Kawa
Międzybrodzie Żywieckie
JS1 EVO 18m
Aeroklub Bielsko Bialski


Vladas Motuza
Vladas Motuza
Discus 2a
15 m Class
Marek Sawczuk
Marek Sawczuk
Aeroklub Warszawski
Club Class
Pavel Trojan
Pavel Trojan
Czech Republic
Duo Discus
15 m Class
Erazem Polutnik + Krasovic
Erazem Polutnik + Krasovic
AK Celje
Combi Class

Updated: 18.04.2018 15:30

I think the change in the layout of the aircraft before the start was a good idea! Starts runs smoothly and without any troubles, despite the weakering wind. The only pitty thing was the fact that both of our aero club dynamics had trouble with propeller adjustment. It's just a minor malfunction and both machines are in fully ready again.

If you follow glidertracker.org, you know that many club class contestants have already reached a second turning point and are heading back to our Prievidza airport. We must prepare for their arrivals.

Updated: 18.04.2018 13:12

start line opening for each class:

Club 12:21

15m class 13:05

and at 13:20 for the combi class

Updated: 18.04.2018 12:00

Today, we have changed the grid development and the startup system. 15m and the combi class will start in parallel. This would mean that most of the bigger aircraft of the combi class would be dragged into the air by the "Čmeliak" towing plane. This should ensure a smoother process of take-offs and also increase start-up safety.

Updated: 18.04.2018 11:39

Also today we have prepared:

Club class

15m class

combi class

Updated: 18.04.2018 10:38

From the morning there is almost a clear sky above Prievidza, and it probably will stay the whole day. According to the forecast, there will be no, or very little cumulus cluds today, so it will be more difficult for the competitors to find the optimal track. The first start is scheduled to 11:30

Published: 18.04.2018 07:45

Good morning! Grid will be as yesterday on RWY 04



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