Flight Challenge Cup Gliding 2019 28.04. - 09.05.2019 Prievidza - Slovakia
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Total winners

1. place Combi Class
Andreas Kessler
Andreas Kessler
Romania România
Romanian Airclub
1. place 15m Class
Poul Kim Larsen
Poul Kim Larsen
Discus 2A
1. place Club Class
Tom Arscott
Tom Arscott
United Kingdom
Lasham Gliding Society


Lumír Motyka
Lumír Motyka
Czech Republic
Fýdlant nad Ostravicí
Club Class
Springer Oliver
Springer Oliver
ASG 29 Es
Luftsportverein Oldenburg-Bad Zwischenahn
15m Class
Herbert Pirker
Herbert Pirker
Austria Österreich
FAS Wien
Combi Class
Daneš Grula
Daneš Grula
Czech Republic
Combi Class

Updated: 03.05.2019 12:19

I was pleased that Adam sent me another post. First, he saved me some work Smejúci sa and especially it is great to look at the actions here, at our airport from someone "outside" Usmiaty


3rd May, weather for ducks. We all woke to the sound of rain on the roof or tent this morning, strange feeling that one.

On one hand we all want to go flying, learn more, play over the beautiful land of Slovakia, improve our skills, have fun; on the other hand, we're all on holidays, everyone seems relaxed & ok with it.

Time to enjoy the day with old & new friends, talk some tall tales.

Adam Woolley

Updated: 03.05.2019 11:57

Hello, we are bringig short description of the yesterday's task directly from one of our competitors Adam Woolley from Australia

Task 2, a 2:45hr AAT was set to the South, a good decision by the organisers with the wind & for the conditions.

We launched into a changing sky, easy for some at the beginning, tough for those at the back, many needing relights.

The visibility was poor today making long term decisions hard, but it was ok with many 1.5-3ms climbs about.

Areas of easy conditions were found, some caution was required though to stay high to make long glides.

The final two sectors proved tricky with the terrain & blue skies. Many lost time here.

Like always, it's good to be home! :)

You can find more here: - adam woolley's gliding adventures

Published: 03.05.2019 07:51

Good morning! No grid today. Briefing will be at 10:00LT



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