Flight Challenge Cup Gliding 2024 14.04. - 25.04.2024 Prievidza - Slovakia
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15m Class
Surname Name Country Competition Class Type of glider Start sign Status
Daniel VINCENT GENOD France 15m Class AS 33 Es JO Home
Szczerba Andrzej Poland 15m Class DIANA -2 FES AI Home
Kawa Sebastian Poland 15m Class Diana 2 RP Home
Kowalski Maciej Poland 15m Class Discus 2a Y Home
Laho Benedikt Slovakia 15m Class Discus 2cT JH Home
Valečko Slavomír Czech Republic 15m Class Discus CS IYB Home
Trojan Pavel Czech Republic 15m Class Duo Discus T 700kg ZS Home
Divok Maroš Slovakia 15m Class Duo DiscusXT SNV Home
Marilyne Abadie Berard France 15m Class JS3 2L Home
Manfredi Théo France 15m Class Lak 17a LE Home
Czech Dariusz Poland 15m Class Lak 19 15m DC Home
Nováková Dana Czech Republic 15m Class LS-8 AU Home
Jarysz Piotr Poland 15m Class Ls6a BBI Home
Walasek Maciej Poland 15m Class LS6C KK Home
Trešlová Jana Czech Republic 15m Class LS8 W8 Home
Kaczorowski Jakub Poland 15m Class LS8 LOT Home
DORIAT Aurelien France 15m Class LS8 P1 Home
Moravcová Barbora Czech Republic 15m Class LS8a 15m EU Home
Loužecký Pavel Czech Republic 15m Class TBA XM Home
Błaszczyk Łukasz Poland 15m Class TBD I Home
Czigler Elek Hungary Magyarország 15m Class Ventus 2A C Landing into the field
Domański Wojciech Poland 15m Class Ventus 2a PE Home
Anais Gaubert France 15m Class Ventus 2a ADx Home
Duboc Julien France 15m Class Ventus 2ax EQ Home
Klimašauskas Artūras Lithuania 15m Class Ventus 2b BX Home
Jaczkowski Konrad Poland 15m Class Ventus 2bx CB Home
Schuller Edmund Slovakia 15m Class Ventus C DI Home
Faur Kévin France 15m Class Ventus-2a IR Home
Club Class
Surname Name Country Competition Class Type of glider Start sign Status
Biedermann Joanna Poland Club Class . P Home
Bernhard Nicolas France Club Class * AG Home
Lešinger Michal Czech Republic Club Class ASW 20 LL Home
Mészáros Máté Hungary Magyarország Club Class ASW-19 B DB Home
Šabľa Martin Slovakia Club Class ASW20 IKW Home
Korom Attila Hungary Magyarország Club Class ASW20 MC Home
Alexandre Fierain France Club Class ASW20 WE Home
Alizée Petit France Club Class ASW20 LX Home
Caudrelier Nicolas France Club Class ASW20C VL Home
Lata Philippe France Club Class ASW20C LT Home
Bernaszuk Marcin Poland Club Class DG-100 Elan B2 Home
Izdebski Wojciech Poland Club Class DG300 BM Home
Kassai Péter Hungary Magyarország Club Class Discus b 7w Home
Bendkowski Ryszard Poland Club Class Jantar std 2 FILIP Did not fly
Pachla Ryszard Poland Club Class Jantar STD 2 L Home
Niewiadomy Marek Poland Club Class Jantar Std 2 BB Home
Kowalczyk Tomasz Poland Club Class Jantar std 3 BI Home
Kowalski Piotr Poland Club Class Jantar Std 3 SO Landing into the field
Chabora Aneta Poland Club Class Jantar std. B Home
Pawlicki Karol Poland Club Class Jantar Std3 BK Home
Ujhelyi (instead of Peter Gonczi) Balazs (instead of Peter Gonczi) Hungary Magyarország Club Class Janus C fixed gear GR Home
Mikołajczyk Jerzy Poland Club Class Ls 4 YL Home
Chyla Lukasz Poland Club Class LS-4 MO Home
TAMÁS Ferenc Hungary Magyarország Club Class LS3 WL 1A Home
Rachwal Mariusz Poland Club Class Mini Nimbus VI Home
Arkadiusz Bajura Poland Club Class Mini Nimbus C CC Home
Neroj Bartek Poland Club Class Pegase 101AP IP Landing into the field
Kubiak Wojciech Poland Club Class Szd 55 W07 Home
Herbreder Marek Poland Club Class szd-55 TK Home
Combi Class
Surname Name Country Competition Class Type of glider Start sign Status
Kovalčík Jan Slovakia Combi Class ARCUA M-20 2P Home
Jakubčák Ľubík Slovakia Combi Class Arcus M CAR Home
Kollar Michal Kollar Slovakia Combi Class Arcus M TA3 Home
Toth Robert Hungary Magyarország Combi Class Arcus T HUX Home
Kos Wojciech Poland Combi Class Arcus T ZAR Home
Doupal Lubomír Czech Republic Combi Class ArcusM FJ Home
Krejčiřík Petr Czech Republic Combi Class as33 12 Home
Kornel Negro Hungary Magyarország Combi Class As33 Es GPS Home
István Réti Hungary Magyarország Combi Class ASG 29 E IR Home
Smielkiewicz Andy Poland Combi Class ASG 29E A2 Did not fly
Zube Gintas Lithuania Combi Class ASG 29E AR Home
Novak Ivan Czech Republic Combi Class ASG-29 QZ Home
Sawczuk Marek Poland Combi Class ASG-29E MS Home
Kornacki Łukasz Poland Combi Class ASG-29Es HBI Home
Downar Arkadiusz Poland Combi Class ASG29 29L Home
Staryszak Leszek Poland Combi Class ASG29E BG Home
Staryszak Karol Poland Combi Class ASG29E PES Home
Gintzel Björn Germany Combi Class ASG32 800 kg 32 Home
Centka Janusz Poland Combi Class ASG32 Mi MD Home
Kessler Andreas Romania România Combi Class ASG32 Mi 800 kg AK Home
Christophe Delort d Exea France Combi Class ASH 25Mi 26 PC Home
Ősi Zsolt Hungary Magyarország Combi Class ASW22BLE BY Home
Pietraszkiewicz Dariusz Poland Combi Class DG808C VN Home
Kusbach Jiří Czech Republic Combi Class Diana3 FES B Home
Keher Ján Slovakia Combi Class Discus 2CT EF Home
Divok Ján Slovakia Combi Class Discus 2cT DJ Home
Miklos Taglieber Laszlo Kapuy Hungary Magyarország Combi Class EB29D HB Home
Sindely Janos Hungary Magyarország Combi Class JS-1 / 18m RZ Home
Verdev Jože Slovenia Combi Class JS-1c DZ Home
DUL TOMASZ Poland Combi Class JS-3 JET TO Home
Rasimavicius Vytautas Lithuania Combi Class JS1 LR1 Home
BELLEC Jean-Pierre France Combi Class JS1 7 Home
Pánek Petr Czech Republic Combi Class js1c IGC Home
Netušilová Alena Czech Republic Combi Class JS3 18m ZE Home
Bednarczuk Zdzislaw Poland Combi Class Js3 Jet ZB Home
Krejcirik Radek Czech Republic Combi Class JS3 RES Q1 Home
Paepke Jan Slovakia Combi Class Lak-17at 18m/WL AK Home
Dobos Tibor Hungary Magyarország Combi Class Nimbus 2 111 Home
Motl Lubomir Czech Republic Combi Class Nimbus 4DM AM Home
Mach David Czech Republic Combi Class Tba ZF Home
Hamar Zoltan Hungary Magyarország Combi Class TBA BK Home
Bano Laszlo István Hungary Magyarország Combi Class Ventus 2 cxt GE Home
Biela Stanisław Poland Combi Class Ventus 3 TS S Home
Benedikt Lukas Slovakia Combi Class Ventus 3f LB Home
Kankare Nuutti Finland Combi Class Ventus 3FS 3F Home
Goretzki Bernd Germany Combi Class Ventus 3M C8 Home
Polutnik Erazem Slovenia Combi Class Ventus 3M EM Home
Stefańczyk Arkadiusz Poland Combi Class Ventus 3M ST Home
Weidlich Andre Germany Combi Class Ventus 3M TE Home
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